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Some Tips And Tricks From Electricians

When you are an electrician you will find yourself in a lot of different situations.  Sometimes you will be in a brand-new building installing wire and in other times you will be crawling in the muck and dirt.  To make your job easier we have talked to several commercial electrician in Austin TX about what they do to make their jobs easier.  Here are a few tricks of the trade.

Avoid the itch

commercial electrician in Austin TX

When working in new homes or when insulation is involved electricians will come in contact with this scratchy substance constantly.  For many, wearing long sleeve shirts and gloves may hinder their work, so they needed to come up with a different solution.  What they did was coat parts of their bodies with baby powder.  This baby powder helped to keep the insulation from sticking to the skin. 

Use magnets

One trick of the trade that many of us don’t think about is using a magnet.  When we put a magnet on drywall it will fall down.  However, many electricians have discovered that if they use a magnet they can locate studs, guide wires and more.  If you are an electrician and you are having to work on wires without doing damage, consider adding a magnet to your list of tools.

Unscrew a lightbulb with a lightbulb

This is a trick I didn’t even think about.  When I heard about this, I remember tales of unscrewing the lightbulb with a potato.  However, in some situations you can unscrew a lightbulb with another lightbulb.

What you will do is clean away any broken glass that you can from the old bulb.  Then with the new bulb screw it into the old one counterclockwise.  The grooves of the bulb will lock into the old bulb making it one.  Once tight unscrew the two bulbs as one.